Christmas Oratorio (Complete)
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Christmas Oratorio (Complete)

Series: Choral Large Works
HL #50324220

Song List:

  • 'Tis Thee I would (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • 'Tis well! Thy Name (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Ah! Dearest Jesus, Holy Child
  • Ah! my Saviour (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Ah! when shall we see (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • All Darkness Flies Before Thy Face
  • Beside Thy cradle (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Break Forth, O Beauteous, Heavenly Light
  • Christians, Be Joyful (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Come and thank Him (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • For us to earth He cometh (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Glory be to God (Bach-Ch Ora.Pt 5)
  • Glory to God (Bach-Ch Ora,Pt 2)
  • Haste, ye shepherds (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Hear, King of angels (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • How Shall I Fitly Meet Thee
  • Immanuel, beloved Name (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Jesus,Who didst ever (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Keep, O My Spirit
  • Let us even now (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • The Lord Hath All These Wonders Wrought
  • Lord, Thy mercy (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Lord, when our haughty (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Mighty Lord And King (Chr.Ora.)
  • Now vengeance hath (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Nur Ein Wink Von Seinem Handen (Naught Against The Pow'r)
  • O Lord,My darkened (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Prepare Thyself, Zion
  • Rejoice And Sing
  • Slumber, Beloved
  • Thee with tender care
  • This Proud Heart Within Us Swelling
  • Where is the new-born (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • With all Thy hosts (Bach-Ch Oratorio)
  • Within Yon Gloomy Manger Lies
  • YE FOES OF MAN (Bach-Christmas Oratorio)

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