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Series: Choral Large Works
HL #50323790

Song List:

  • And then shall your light (Mendelssohn)
  • Baal! Baal! (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Baal, we cry to thee (Mendelssohn)
  • Be Not Afraid
  • Be not afraid (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Behold, God the Lord (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Blessed are the men who fear (Mendelssohn)
  • But the Lord from the north (Mendelssohn)
  • Cast thy burden (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Draw near, all ye people (Mendelssohn)
  • The fire descends (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • For He shall give His angels (Mendelssohn)
  • Go, return upon thy way (Mendelssohn)
  • He That Shall Endure (Mendelssohn)
  • He Watching Over Israel
  • Hear our cry, o Baal (Mendelssohn)
  • Hear Ye, Israel! (Hore Israel)
  • Help, Lord (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Holy is God the Lord (Mendelssohn)
  • If With All Your Hearts (Elijah)
  • Is Not His Word Like A Fire? (Mendelssohn)
  • It Is Enough (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Lift Thine Eyes To The Mountains
  • Lord, bow Thine ear (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • O come, everyone that thirsteth (Mendelssohn)
  • O Rest In The Lord
  • Thanks be to God! (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Then did Elijah (Mendelssohn)
  • Then Shall The Righteous Shine
  • Woe to him! (Mendelssohn-Elijah)
  • Yet Doth The Lord (Mendelssohn)

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